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Join the Mosaic Accelerator

An early-stage accelerator empowering non-technical, marginalized and BIPOC women to build successful, sustainable, tech-enabled businesses

Three women of colour talking to each other while sitting around a desk with a laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

"Your lived experience is
ASSET, not a liability!"

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About Mosaic

At Mosaic, we believe that non-technical, women founders from marginalized, racialized, and underrepresented communities have the potential to be some of the most innovative and impactful entrepreneurs in the world. We are dedicated to providing these women with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to build and grow successful, sustainable, tech-enabled businesses.


Tech-enabled businesses leverage technology to create and deliver innovative products or services, e.g., by streamlining operations and automating processes. These companies often disrupt traditional industries by offering new business models and solutions to customers through advanced technologies.


Our FREE 9-month Discovery Foundation Mosaic Accelerator program includes:

  • Mentorship,

  • Training,

  • Education,

  • Resources, and

  • Funding Opportunities.


We help our participants overcome the technology and business challenges faced by Black, Indigenous, Latin, Asian, Middle Eastern, transgender, neurodivergent, women with disabilities, and immigrant women.


By empowering women from all backgrounds, we create a more just and prosperous society for all.

How is Mosaic Different?

Smiling Asian woman with veil



Why Mosaic?

Even though 64% of new companies are started by BIPOC women, they still are not getting the support, exposure, and funding to grow and scale.


of women entrepreneurs find it challenging to obtain funding for business success.


of all new women-owned companies have been started by Black, Latina, or Asian women.


of all VC funding in 2022 received by all-women-led US companies.

Two laughing women sitting next to each other looking at one of their laptop screens.
“Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations.”

Dr. Mae Jemison

Astronaut, Physician, and founder and CEO of two technology companies

We Work with the Best Partners and Sponsors

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